Welcome to the G9 Private Office

Trusted by the world's wealthiest families



The G9 is a global private network of Single Family Offices. Our members are able to access our world class programmes and resources which have been developed over the last 10 years working with UHNW family offices worldwide.


Whether utilising the proprietary G9x intelligent deal network, attending NextGen education programmes, participating in the  G9 Global Private Member Summits, building out a complete Family Office or simply seeking to resolve a specific issue within the family, the G9 brings unparalleled wisdom and expertise to the table in a priviliged and totally confidential forum.


The G9 is trusted by many of the worlds wealthiest families and an elite group of Family Office advisors worldwide.




The Wall Street Journal profiled the G9X as 'The place that billionaire families go to do business'


"Zanbato works with G9X, an online marketplace created by the billionaire peer network G9, which is based in London and Geneva and allows families with at least $500 million of investible assets to share ideas. G9X organizes global clusters of wealthy families under a network of lead partners, who screen deals for them on the G9XZanbato website." 




The G9 works with the IMD Global Family Business Center to provide two world class Educational Programmes to our G9 Global NextGen Club members:


Developing NextGen Global Investors

Developing NextGen CEOs